Jeetinder Sandhu is a menswear fashion and shoe designer who launched his fashion label in 2013. He has a Bachelors in Fashion Design from Istituto Marangoni London.

FASHION DESIGN: Jeetinder Sandhu made a smashing debut in the fashion world with Graduate Fashion Week 2013 in London with his collection which featured his signature prints inspired by India and models who walked down the runway wearing turbans.

Jeetinder has always taken inspiration from his roots in India and fused it with modern designs to create a fresh and bold aesthetic of design. Jeetinder Sandhu has presented his collections in London, Paris, Berlin, Florence and Mumbai. Jeetinder Sandhu also does completely customised clothing for his clients worldwide

FASHION FILM: Jeetinder has also produced a fashion film titled Dyadic in 2013 which was showcased in Miami Fashion Film Festival 2013 and Madrid Fashion Film Festival 2013.

SHOE DESIGNER: Jeetinder Sandhu launched his shoe line with his Spring/ Summer 2015 collection in London and ever since continued adding pieces to his collection. Jeetinder Sandhu has done a shoe collaboration with Berlin based fashion designer Sadak for Spring/Summer 2016. Jeetinder has also collaborated with Delhi based brand Anaam and presented collections at Lakme Fashion Week.

He is known for creating unique and contemporary mens and unisex shoes. Jeetinder Sandhu also does completely customised shoes for his clients worldwide.